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Building social communities outside the common platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ is becoming increasingly popular. specifically owners of businesses selling services, software or any other goods it is known well that exchanging with clients can dramatically drive sales and improve the relationship between you and your clients. One cannot emphasize it enough though that building a social community is a tasks that is quite often underestimated and that heavily relies on the engagement of the creator to not only create the community but also keep it alive and healthy.

We provide you with the proper set of tools and share our experiences with you. We help you getting started with your social community to drive your business. Please keep in mind, the task is big - but the result is well worth the effort!

Our Expertise

Nuntio Community

We would also like to invite to visit our own community where we provide help and support for our generic commercial Nuntio modules. The Nuntio Community is a place to exchange with other clients and stay up-to-date with current releases of our modules. There we have implemented a discussion forum as well as a blog with comments enabled.