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Meet the people behind Peppertree Solutions and find out about the company's mission statement.

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Philipp Becker
Owner of Peppertree Solutions

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The company

Peppertree Solutions is a Germany based company that strives to help businesses around the world to build the best websites ever. At Peppertree we believe that simplicity is beauty and that it has to be intuitive and efficient to work with the best and latest web technologies.

Philipp Becker founded Peppertree Solutions in 2011 after he had sucessfully run consultancy services in the DotNetNuke business for many years as a freelancer. Peppertree Solutions is now part of the dnnWerk Association and the European DotNetNuke Network dnn-europe.net - both groups were co-founded by Philipp Becker in 2007 and 2009 together with his partners Sebastian Leupold from Gamma Concept and Benjmain Hermann from ITM Consulting.

Peppertree Solutions supports the German DotNetNuke Usergroup dnn-usergroup.de and is also active in the US DotNetNuke Community. Philipp Becker is regulary invited to contribute to community events and conferences like Web Connections or DotNetNuke World.

So what is a Peppertree and how did it become a company name?

There are many species of peppertree in the Southern hemisphere. The one that inspired our business name - tasmania lanceolata - mainly grows in Tasmania, Australia and grows in massive stands around a beautiful camping spot called Frosty Hollow where I had spent a very inspiring night back in 2009 together with my family and a very good friend. So while we were brainstorming about possible names for our business I was looking through old photographs and when I came across the ones from Frosty Hollow the business name was born within seconds.


Showcasing our work

We have left traces in many places on the web. Visit our showcase gallery to check out websites we have done or worked on together with our partners. Or go to the codeplex platform and see what we have contributed to the community in the past. And if that is not enough, we invite you to visit the community sites that we are actively contributing to: the German DotNetNuke Usergroup or the US Community around the platform. Last but not least we have created the dnnWerk association website in 2009 where Peppertree is partnering with other German DotNetNuke professionals to provide you with the best service around the DotNetnuke platform for the German speaking market.


The following listing is a collection of selected partners we work with on a regular basis to get your job done efficiently:

Bring2MindCreator of Document Exchange, a highly professional document management system that we usually implement in client projects if document management is needed.
We Do It BVOur friends in the Netherlands. They do a lot of consulting and implementation services and are one of our Nuntio sponsors
Gamma Concept

One of our partners in the dnnWerk association. We work with Sebastian Leupold on a regular basis on larger projects.
ITM Consulting

One of our partners in the dnnWerk association. We work with Benjamin Hermann on a regular basis on larger projects.

Maike Vogel Mediengestaltung

Maike is a very talented graphics designer and a good friend who we work with when it comes to creating visual elements in website designs